Physical Computing with the Raspberry Pi Pico

Chapter 1
In this chapter we'll blink the LED that is built into the Raspberry Pi Pico using the MicroPython REPL.
Chapter 2
In this tutorial we'll learn how to copy MicroPython files over to our Raspberry Pi Pico.

To copy files over to our Pico, we'll use a tool written in Python (made by Adafruit) called Ampy.

We will learn how to install Ampy and how to copy MicroPython files with Ampy onto our Pi Pico.
Chapter 3
We're now going to look at blinking an external LED with the Raspberry Pi Pico.

We're going to setup a circuit where an LED is connected to GPIO pin 1.
Chapter 4
A GPIO stands for General Purpose Input Output. So far, we've learned to use LEDs as outputs. In this part of the lesson, we'll take a look at using digital inputs such as a pushbutton switch. 
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